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Martha Baden

Prescott Library

War Memorial Spruce Up Sat. May 18th 8am
Birthdays:  Val Ripley 5/10, Eric Chester 5/14
Anniversaries:  None this week.
Meeting Highlights May 1
Thought for the day:  Dan Davis: “What happened to the folks who signed he Declaration of Independence”/Jonathan Lawler: They all understood that by signing it was a death warrant if caught by the British. 5 were caught and tortured and died; 9 fought and died in the war; 24 were lawyers/jurists, 11/merchants, 9/farmers and plantation owners all were well off and well educated. Much more to know on this/Google the author and find the full quote. Their passion and commitment overrode the risks. Well worth honoring them this Memorial Day and all who have made the same commitment for us.
Announced: Neal read the P.A.S.S. thank you note/Neal read it for us.; Jane Anne noted DbldDown in under two weeks! Sell tickets.Harringtons donated 8 tickets that will help with the Shady Ladies meals; Neal noted that Jerry Hulm will be inducted next week/ no more free breakfasts!  
Sgt. at Arms: Val Riply only had a few minutes so he picked out Todd , Jane Anne and Neal to each fine someone. They picked respectively: Neal for his sculpting class on Saturday, Art because he is such a great Rotarian/guy,Tony Shaw, Welcome Back!  Rusty won the 50/50 Pot!  
 Previous speaker: Col. Art Saboski, USAF Ret./U2 Yoichi introduced Colonel Art Saboski, USAF Retired after a great career including 17 years as a U2 pilot and commander. Art is also a retired professor/ERAU. Col. Saboski introduced us to the “Dragon Lady”, A.K.A. the Lockheed U2 spy plane. One of the greatest Intel achievements of The CIA. He joined the program by answering an ad in an AF Publication and going through an extensive interview process. The mission: To counter the Russian missile threat. The U2 was one of the two technological achievement which gave us an edge in the cold war. The other was the nuclear cruise missile. U2’s electronic sensors and photos provide information to ground forces in real time. The U2 evolved. The original plane was a stripped-down platform with long wings, pilots needed pressure suits. Built 50, lost 37 to accidents, 7 shot down; then upgraded it to be 40% larger, bigger cockpit.; ‘80s: newer models with new sensors, bigger engine, new mission: war applications; Then added GE turbofan engine and new improved sensor capabilities. It was an experimental test bed providing surveillance and reconnaissance. Peace time: signals intel, imagery, radar, electro-optical and wet film. War time: battlefield close air support: intel, targeting, threat ID and communications. Specifications: wingspan: 103 FT; Length: 63 FT; GE Turbofan engine: 1700 lbs thrust; Speed 410 knots/.72 Mach; Range: 7,000 mi. There are several risks for pilots; flying over/on the periphery of denied airspace, the need for pure oxygen and pressure suits similar to the astronauts space suits; high latitude physiology issues and decompression sickness; the planes own instability and adverse handling characteristics among others. Art felt it was a great experience and particularly being with his fellow U2 pilots whom he characterized as an exceptional group of people to know.  
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President's Corner
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Buenos Tardes Sun-upians …. And Happy Cinco de Mayo … today’s trivia … This holiday celebrates the battle of Puebla in 1862 … part of the effort by Mexican nationals to oust the French from Mexico (which was effected in 1867) … also referred to as the second Mexican revolution for independence.  How margaritas have risen to such a significant role in the recognition of this holiday, I have no idea … but I also have no intention of breaking with established tradition either.   In any event .. let’s remember our neighbors to the south and celebrate. 
There is something magnificent in having a country to love.
James Russell Lowell
May 08, 2019
Prescott Library
May 15, 2019
Aspen Restroration in Southwest
May 22, 2019
Fire Fighting Tankers
May 29, 2019
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