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This Weeks Speaker

Todd Webber

Explorers of the Colorado River Before Powell



Double Down Casino Committee March 19th 4:00pm - Liquor Deli on Goodwin
Birthdays:  Doug Askerman, March 17, Barbara Oemcke, March 18, Greg Ellingham, March 20
Anniversaries:  Sharon & Art Harrington, March 18
Todd Weber Program This Wednesday
Our special program that features Todd Weber is this Wednesday. If you have signed up a guest we will cover their breakfast. Be sure and remind your guest as we have added extra tables. Todd brings history to life through dynamic presentations and informative guided tours. He will be speaking on "Explorers of the Colorado River before Powell." He is a dynamic speaker and we have asked that you bring a guest. Please let Stan Steiner know if you haven't already signed up to do so. We expect a full house with all those expected. As a member of Sunup, don't miss this treat!
Meeting Highlights March 13th
Happy and Sad bucks centered around Ben and Danielle Tuttle moving to Phoenix. 
Sgt. At arms was Matt Greenlee.  The Song for the day was When Irish Eyes are Smiling.  We had a difficult time reaching the high notes.  Good thing St. Patricks day comes but once a year.  I have to admit I was having so much fun watching Matt hustle money from everyone for every reason from working snack shack to getting ready for casino night I forgot to take notes.  Sorry.
Par Wood was our speaker.  Her presentation began by describing your life.  You graduate from high school, buy a sports car, find a wife, buy a house, graduate to an SUV, may git a divorce, sold a home, inherited money and all of a sudden you have a heart attack before your families finances are secured.
Do you have a trust?  Have you dusted it off lately and looked at it.  Does it leave your current family secure or will they have to fight through probate courts and lawyers to inherit your hard earned monies.
People who wish to share the financial benefits of accumulated assets or property with another (or others) can set up a trust fund in that person's name. A trust fund or trust fund account requires a designated trustee who's responsible for distributing the funds to the stated beneficiaries, or recipients. Trust funds come in different types to serve different purposes. In terms of taxation, the type of trust involved determines which tax laws apply. A simple trust most often exists in cases where a parent or grandparent leaves a portion of his estate to a child or other relative.
Double Down Casino Night
The third annual Double Down Casino Night is coming Saturday, May 11th. Once again it will be held at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds. Prescott area Rotary Clubs will be benefiting local charities. For tickets contact any Rotarian or purchase tickets by clicking here.
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Dangerous Drugs
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Prescott Airport Update
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