Greeters      Tony Shaw   &
Richard Hernandez
  Sgt. at Arms  Clent & Joshua Walker
 Registration  Harry Oberg
Meeting Highlights 4-18-2018
Teacher of the Year Donation   Years ago, Sunup members Greg Raskin and Dave Brown led Sunup Rotary in starting the first Teacher of the Year award, and Sunup has been a sponsor ever since. Tim Carter spoke on the Teacher of the Year two weeks ago, and received our donation for $1,000.
Great Extractions   Clent Walker was the Sergeant-at-Arms, and enlisted spittoon carrier extraordinaire, Joshua, to tote the spittoon. Mortician Clent led off with some humor, offering a "smokin' hot body" for $995 this week only (compliments of their Cremation division). Those members not appearing in last week's bulletin paid, as did those that failed to help Clent by "ratting" on the members. Art mentioned they have two candidate applications for district governor, and 18 candidates for assistant governor.  A rowdy table of Eric Chester, Elaine Mansoor, Glen Hammond, Dennis Light and Sarah Tomsky were penalized for their raucous behavior.
Speaker Last Week  Our own Neal McEwen gave a fine presentation describing the many learning opportunities offered by the Phippen Museum, besides the fine art hanging there.  The museum is named after the prolific Prescott painter, George Phippen, who died his 50's, and was the first president of the Cowboy Artists of America. As part of teaching young artists about Western art, Neal visits schools, and has enlightened over 1,800 students. One of our prior speakers, Gail Steiger, will be inducted this year into the Arizona Rancher and Cowboy Hall of Fame at the Phippen. Three youth winners under Neal's tutelage competed in molding clay. All three had their work submitted to a local foundry who bronzed their molds at no charge, a $300 value! [Editor's note:  George Steiner's dad was a good friend and client of George Phippen, and the Steiners have some exceptional Phippen paintings that George's dad had purchased.]  
Rotaract Club at Yavapai College    Rotary International has certified the Yavapai College Rotaract Club. We were joined last week by one of the faculty advisers, Kara Giannetto  and three members of the club. Active Sunup member member from Yavapai College, Richard Hernandez, presented them with their charter. 
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Greetings My Fellow “Wicked Good” Sunupians!
I will keep it short and to the point...
1. Your BOD met this past Thursday and accepted recommendations from the Future of Sunup Committee for some "adjustments" to our weekly breakfast meeting formats. Watch for an email from me later today explaining them.
2. A second discussion was raised from Assistant District Governor Noel DeSousa. It appears that our Sunup Foundation giving may be falling short of the minimum amount to qualify us to apply for and utilize foundation grants in the coming year. Just a reminder to take a look at your giving and let's shoot for an "Every year, every Rotarian" qualification.
That's all folks!
Till Wednesday, work for Peace friends,
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