Greeter      Larry Noble
  Registration  Yoichi Matsumoto
   Sgt at Arms   Jane Anne
If you have an announcement about an event, project, committee meeting or just something really important, your fellow members want to know whats happening at Sunup Rotary. Let us know and we will publish it.
Next Double Down Casino Night Committee Meeting - Wednesday, Feb. 21st 5:30pm at the Palace
Program Connittee Meeting - Monday, March 5th 7:00am Waffles & More
Sunup Board Meeting - Thursday March 22, 4:00pm Prescott Library
Sunup Shoot at Gunsite - April 11th - See Val Ripley
Meeting Highlights February 14th
Meeting Highlights: Jane Anne was the SGT. She was ill prepared.  She paid a fine for her phone ringing during the prayer, for making too many mistakes in last weeks bulletin and for the Double Down Casino meeting on the 21st.  She fined everyone who has not sold a ticket for Double Down, or for NOT bringing in sponsorship paperwork. Dennis from Cableone is our high sponsor so far with a donation of 150 TV spots worth over $2000.  Yoshi was fined for being late, Dan Byers was fined for being quiet, Tony was fined for his Valentines shirt and Greg Raskin was fined for Valentine’s Day. George Steiner was fined for not owning the tablecloth company this year and Jerry Foreman won the pot.
The Speaker was Junaid Chaudhry PhD:  His career has so far led him on a journey through academia, law enforcement and industry. He obtained his degree in Cyber Security from Ajou University in 2009.  Currently he is Cyber Security Faculty at the College of Security and Intelligence, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott AZ.  His areas of research include critical infrastructure protection, context aware security and digital forensics.  Junaid is a member of High Technology Crimes Investigators Ass, Senior member of IEEE, Life member of Criminology Society of Pakistan, senior member of Australian Computing Society and Australian Information Security Association.
There are already many models of risk assessment and more are emerging every day. They all have the same fundamental target, but most attempt to hit the target from very different approaches. Some approaches can be applied to all types of risk, while others are specific to particular risks. A particularly dangerous risk in the global economy today is the security of information. Information is a key asset for organizations, and reducing the risk of information compromise is a high priority. This study proposed a methodology for information security risk analysis in which the assets, vulnerabilities, threats, and controls of an organization are linked. The main purpose of the study is to compare and clarify the different activities, inputs, and outputs required by each model of information security risk assessment and the analysis that effectively addresses the risks of information security.
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good Morning Fellow Sunupians!
By now you may have seen my notes about a revised agenda. 
-Just a few adjustments for the good of the order  –A Two week evolution. –Open to comments/suggestions.
Please note: -Best to arrive for Breakfast by 06:30-6:40 as has been our practice.  -The By-Laws state a 6:45 start time for the meeting. –Past practice has been to allow until approx. 07:00  for breakfast but I am considering starting earlier.  -I will now be trying out a 6:45-06:50 start time (Bell time) and may adjust if needed.
As we move forward on this the order on the assignment list and bulletin provided may vary but the person assigned to each task will be the same. The Sunupian will reflect the change for each week.
Keep breathing, keep sharing that Rotary Smile!
Remember, you are all “Wicked Good!”
Until Wednesday,
Peace Friends,
A. J.
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Flags For Patriots Signup Sheet
             February 21, 2018
Feb 21, 2018
George Washington
Feb 28, 2018
Water and Development
Mar 07, 2018
Freeport McMoran Bagdad Mine
Mar 14, 2018
Yavapai College Athletic Director
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Phillips, Matthew
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Samuelson, Norm
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Shaw, Tony
Raskin, Gregory
Walker, Clent
4-Way Test
Ripley, Valard
Harrington, Art
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Parker, Rusty
Ripley, Valard
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Light, Dennis
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Shaw, Tony

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