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Meeting Highlights Jan 16th
Great Extractions:  Old Silver tongue, Rod Cordes, returned as Sarge and enlisted Dan Storvick of Frontier Rotary to tote the spittoon.  Rod started it off with $5 for being sick and not having a mystery Sarge last week, and told of his younger days when Clay Smith, a Rotarian, was in Prescott.  Dan Davis paid to remind us it was 99 years from date of Prohibition.  Yoichi told of his fight with prostate cancer and his current cancer free state, emphasizing that it is critical to have tests for early detection.  The Smiths expressed their pleasure of having Gabriel spend a night with them.  Gus Bergman told of his alma mater, Creighton losing when leading with 6 seconds to go and made a blunder pass and lost.  Some wag asked Sarge Rod to tell us when he met Paul Harris.  Dan Storvick had lost his badge and Rod gave it to him with a fine.  Rich Hernandez filled in for the missing greeters, Glen Hammond and Jerry Fohrman, and it cost Glen. Val Ripley won the pot.
Double Down Kicks Off:  Jane Anne handed out flyers of the Casino night on May 11th and encouraged members to start selling tickets and finding sponsors and prize donators.
Outstanding program:  Stan Steiner told of a future program on March 20th with one of our favored speakers, Todd Weber, speaking on the early explorers before Powell of the Colorado River.  The membership committee is asking each member to bring a friend that day and any potential members for this interesting program.
Sunup treasure Ray Carlson filled in for the
missing speaker and told of the future of protection against cyber criminals.  Using a Swedish/US manufactured Yubico key is a current better source of protection than passwords, but buy a spare to prevent key lost and not being able to access your computer.  Data hacking of large companies is the biggest problem users face.  Hackers have 400 million names and thinking long term are leaving them on the dark web for future use. Requiring their employees to use a key, Google has not been hacked for 2 years.  New Windows 10 will have you call in and then have finger or facial protection.
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good morning Sun-Upians … Snack shack season is nigh upon us.  In a few short weeks, the Softball and little league seasons will commence, and we will all have the opportunity to participate in this worthwhile community effort.  As well, the snack shack proceeds are the primary source of outside revenue for Sun-Up (as distinct from SURF).  It almost goes without saying, volunteering your time to the snack shack is critical to the viability of Sun-Up and a long-standing service to the Prescott community.  I’ll close with a couple of time-tested clichés that genuinely pertain … A little bit of effort goes a long way … and many hands make for light work.
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford
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