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A.J. Sheridan
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Well what a great meeting! You can't go wrong with the Cowboy Poets Gathering. Jim Buchanan and Joe Konkel were great! I found them to be both entertaining and informative. I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
And it is always an honor to be able to recognize Special groups like Sarah and her Forest Service colleagues! Thank you again!
As this was only my second meeting as your president, I want you to know how proud I  am to be your president.  I also wish to thank you all for your support and help as I guide our  meetings and move ahead with some new initiatives. You are even supportive when I goof up and I am glad that you are willing to call me on it. Makes it more fun. And I think that I am getting better at it.
What is Rotarian Development: How can you grow as a Rotarian and community member:
This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my second Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) module in Flagstaff and who should I  run into from our Sunup club but Norm Samuelson and Art Harrington who is an instructor for RLI, Kevin Pitts from The Prescott Club and an organizer and instructor for RLI, and also Candace Tomlinson, current president of The Prescott Rotary Club.
This meeting was made special because Norm completed his third and final module so I was fortunate to be able to see him graduate at the lunchtime "commencement" ceremony and get a picture or two. Congratulations are in order for Norm!
One thing about these meetings is that I learn just how great our club is and how much we have in common with most other clubs regarding concerns about recruiting and retention of members. It helps to keep it all in perspective and to share ideas.
For those of you who have not taken any RLI modules I would encourage you to do so.  It is not specifically about being a club officer, but about your development as a Rotarian (and by definition as a community leader) and learning more about Rotary in a concentrated format.  AND, the club will reimburse you for the tuition. Talk with me, Art, Normor any other members who have attended RLI about this opportunity.
 FYI the next RLI offering will be in Prescott on Saturday, October 7 and will be held at Prescott College. They generally offer all three modules and you choose the one that you need. For more information go to: and for manuals and other information:
Heads up: Nancy Van Pelt, our new District Governor will be on a tour of the clubs in District 5495 and will be visiting us at our regular meeting on Wednesday August 30. So let's have a good turnout and show her who the best Prescott Club is!  
B.O.D. Note:  Following our meeting we will have a special meeting with Nancy at 8:15 A.
Nancy will return on Tuesday, September 12 to two other area clubs and then we are all sponsoring a reception for her at the Resort at 5:30 PM. All are invited.
We have our monthly BOD meeting coming up this Thursday, August 10 at 4 PM. If anyone has anything they wish to be addressed by the board please contact me or any board member (Larry Noble, Ben Tuttle, Neal McEwen, John Stewart, Todd Clancy, Greg Barstad, Par Wood and Dan Davis)
One BIG need with the departure of Dave McAnally, is the Snack Shack leadership for Spring season. The BOD will be discussing this and how we hope to operate this year.  I am proposing that we line up two of our first class volunteers to coordinate this rather than just one person.  And that we form a group of volunteers who are willing to work the shack.
August is Rotary Membership and New Club Development month. I encourage each member to talk with friends and associates and invite them to a meeting. Perhaps we will glean a new member or two.
Thank you for your time,
Don't forget to share that Rotary Smile and we will see you on Wednesday!
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Meeting Notes

Sunup Rotary honored the Prescott National Forest and our own Sara Tomsky with a plaque for outstanding service to our community and for their intense knowledge of managing our beautiful forest.

Last week’s speaker:  Joe Konkel from the cowboy Poets Gathering likes to play old cowboy music, pre-Hollywood 1880’s to 1930 the best.  He recited and sang several entertaining pieces.  The Educated Fellow Zebra Dunn was my favorite.  During that time, the Banjo was the most popular instrument.  Joe told Mark Twains definition of a gentleman man who can play the banjo but doesn’t.  Big laughs were had all around.  He also played a song by DJ O’Malley called the ‘N Bar N Ranch Montana’ and James Grafton Rogers’ ‘Cowboy Love Song’, ‘The Santa Fe Trail’ and a great poem from Hook & Horns magazine called ‘My Stetson Hat’.
Jim Buchanan continued telling all that the 30th Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering August 10, 11, & 12 will have 60 poets and musicians at the festival.  They invite cowboys that live the cowboy way of life.  The City of Prescott applies a small amount of the B&B moneys to make grant awards to the gathering because of the business the gathering brings to the City of Prescott.

An award was also given to Chris Inman of the Prescott Little League for their successful 2017 year.  The young ball players took 2nd and 3rd in the State Tournament.




Great Extractions:  Rod Cordes fleeced many of us with the help of Logan Williams.  Sam, Mike and Logan received their official name badges because they joined as a family.  Tony Shaw told of a kayaking trip with his grandson and they saw a huge yearling black bear.  Yoichi gave a happy buck because he loves the song ‘God Bless America’, and many happy bucks went around the room.


Double Down Casino Night
Another Double Down Casino Night committee meeting was attended by four Rotary Clubs last Wednesday night. Jane Ann our new chair along with Billy Orr as co-chair ran the meeting like clock work. Jane Ann says a meeting should never take longer than an hour and we finished 10 minutes early. I had to gulp down my beer it went so quick. But we covered a lot of ground with many ideas. Par Wood has stepped up as the new treasurer and Ben Tuttle continues as secretary. The event will be held at the Rodeo Grounds once again but in May so it can be held outdoors. Exact date will be forthcoming. All the clubs are really excited and this will be a signature event for Prescott. Stay tuned!
A Clean game here
How did these guys get in here?
Looking for cards up AJ's sleeve.
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