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Introducing our Paul Harris Fellows

Written by Chelsea Sederstrom, Edited by Lisa DeLeo
"Rotary started with the vision of one man —  Paul Harris" 
Thank you to our Paul Harris Fellows in photo above with Art Harrington:  Steve Sample, Dr. Whitney James, Val Ripley and Bob Keys and Glen Hammond. 
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation
Art Harrington led us in another fantastic Let's Make A Deal" offer to match contributions to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund. 

Our goal is to have a 100% Paul Harris club. If you are not a Paul Harris Fellow, simply make a $500 donation by March 31st and Rotary will match you 50/50 and will make you a Paul Harris Fellow. This donation can be done over the course of the year in smaller increments as well. 

If you have any specific questions contact Art Harrington or Erik Chester to add your contribution to your quarterly statements. 

By partnering with other Rotary clubs we have accomplished nearly $200,000 worth of projects. 

The #1 priority of Rotary since 1985 is to end Polio, and we are almost there! 


The Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) initiative asks every Rotarian to support The Rotary Foundation every year. In addition to contributing to the Annual Fund on a regular basis, members are encouraged to get involved in a Foundation project or program.

Art's presentation reminds us that: "Your Rotary Foundation contributions are meeting needs and changing lives our contributions, together with the collective leadership and expertise of our 1.2 million members, are helping us tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges — locally and globally — reaching out to communities who are most in need."

Member contributions must be made by March 31, 2022.  Checks should be made payable to The Rotary Foundation, and be mailed to Art Harrington, Foundation Chair, 802 Oak Terrace Dr., Prescott 86301. Or online through the




The Smiling Sunupians

Portraits of our Spectacular Sunupians! 

Looking Ahead 


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Volunteers needed for RYLA's Camp Pinerock Event happening January 13 - 16, 2023
"Our RYLA weekend will give each delegate to expand their leadership capabilities. It encourages leadership of youth by youth. Delegates exceed their expectations through increased self confidence and group support."
Learn More:  A.J. Sheridan 928-308-6780



Interact District Conference

Our Interact Council is planning our Tenth Annual Interact District Conference, for Saturday, February 25, hosted by the Interact Club of Barry Goldwater High School in Phoenix.

Please reserve this date on your club calendar. Plan to bring as many of your club members as possible to this conference!


Meeting Notes

Joke of the Day: Knock Knock, Who's There?  Abby!  Abby Who?  Abby New Year! 
Song: Art Harrington and John Berry led "Home on The Range"
Duties Survey:  Chelsea emailed everyone a Survey of Duties.  Please look for it and complete it. 
If you can't find it, or didn't get one reach out to Chelsea at:
Thank you from Steve Sample to everyone who helped and supported the Christmas Shopping for local families our club sponsored this year.
Double Down Casino Night Update: 
Our Casino Night fundraiser is on hold due to lack of vendor availability.  If you have an alternate fundraiser event please contact the board or President Laura Vanderberg at:
Quote of the Day:   "Not Everything that weighs you down is  yours to carry." 

Join us! 

Anyone knows of members who might be interested in joining our program group please encourage them to get in touch with Jane Anne Shimizu. 928-636-4565 Ext. 4 or

The Prez Says
Laura Vanderberg
member photo


After 2 long car rides (hours) this week for business travel, I’m reminded about the negative effects of sitting. 
A couple of years back, I read a book called Get Up! by James Levine, MD (2014). It’s all about the importance of, well, getting up, a.k.a. not sitting.
Now, I realize that, for some of us, and from a health perspective, standing for any length of time just isn’t possible. 
However, for many of us, sitting is just something we do.  But sitting is really not good for our health. 
The photo below (from the book) is just the first half of the alphabet's worth of the harmful effects of sitting, and it’s truly scary!
When we start spending lots of time sitting, whether for work or otherwise, our brains encourage us to stay sitting.
It's a vicious cycle, the more we sit, the more our brain accepts that we're sitting, sending out fewer messages for the muscles to move, and so we continue to sit, and our muscles begin to lose strength and so on.
To break that cycle, we need to get up out of our chairs and start moving.
How often do you sit during the day?
What would happen if you sat less?
What would you do with that time? If your job involves sitting for extended periods of time, how could you change that?
Could you get up and walk around periodically?
What about a stand-up desk, or better yet, a treadmill desk?
If you enjoy watching TV, what if you got up and walked around during commercials?
What else could you do this week to sit less?
Here’s to a week of health and less sitting! 
Make it a great week!

Warm Regards,


Laura Vanderberg


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