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Birthdays:  Jane Anne Shimizu 6.27
Anniversaries:  Glenn & Karie Hammond 6.26
Meeting Highlights June 5
Thought for the day:  Sharon Harrington: From Holy Humor! Eleanor Davis/PA. Sense of Humor; God’s great gift, Causes spirits to uplift, Helps to make our bodies mend, Lightens burdens; Cheers a friend, Tickles children; Elders grin,at their warmth that glows within, Surely in the great hereafter heaven must be full of laughter.
Announced:  Guests: Dennis Berquist, visiting Rotarian, Julia Watson-We Value Our Teachers Foundation.
Sgt. at Arms: Gus Bergman: Jane Anne assisted w/spittoon. Rod Cordes thanked all who participated in Road Cleanup and for the cake and kind words. Jerry thankful for 19 years of wedding bliss on their 39th anniversary! Many Happy bucks for Rod and other great events.  Rusty toted up the raffle take. Richard won the pot.
Addition to last weeks bulletin: There was not room to list the New PH Fellows who were not present so not pictured. Also note PF1 and PF2 photos were switched:  New PHF: Barbara Oemcke, Nolan T. Ackerman. Tracey Moeller. PHF Plus 1s: Greg Raskin. PF Plus 2s: Gus Bergman. PF Plus 3s: Bud Ackerman.  Our many previous PHFellows were noted in Arts Powerpoint. Room does not permit listing them all.
6.5.19 Speaker: Dr. Steve Dow – Soldiers Best Friend  (SBF)
Tony Shaw provided the introduction: Has know Dr. Dow for many years as he was their veterinarian. He is a Vietnam Veteran and founding member of Soldiers best friend.  Dr. Dow advised he was in Airborne Ranger School at one point. After service went on to earn his Veterinarian degree.  The SBF was started by veterinarians who saw a need to help returning combat veterans. They were transitioning from combat front via a long flight back to families with limited support. The program provides support and therapy dogs to help them with PTSD at no cost to them. The dogs are rescue/shelter dogs. The dogs and vets go through a 6-9 month, intensive training/bonding program. This helps to improve on symptoms, adjust back to family life, lead a more productive life and rebuild self-esteem. The dogs are awarded honorable work. The process involves: Application by Combat Veteran, An In-Home interview, Securing a rescue dog, or evaluating the veterans owned dog, Rescue dog is fostered 2-4 weeks for evaluation, Then Paired with the veteran for 6-9 week training program. It is a tough program and many are unable to complete it. Stats as of 2.19: 536 teams in, Graduated 257. Currently: 42 teams in training, To date 144 dogs adopted, Cost per team: $4K-5K. Courtesies in approaching a team anywhere: Always speak with Handler first, ask if can pet the dog. Do not offer food or treats to dog. Do not ask the nature of the disability, only can ask what service does their dog provide for the handler.
  6.12.19: Thanks to all who attended the installation dinner. Chartiers served up a great Italian night, we celebrated Gabes Birthday, and  thanked our host families. Then, of course. there was Greg Raskin keeping it light as Sgt. Ultimately a good time was had by all.  Congratulations to Jerry Fohrman and his Board of Directors on their installation for their 2019-2020 year!.  Special Thanks to Neal McEwen for a job well done as former Prez! You and your BOD set a high bar!
Installation Night Photo Highlights
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good morning Sun-Upians … Possibly you have noted in the paper, a memorial service is planned for Lois Benson at Trinity Presbyterian on June 24th at 11:00.  I know we all keep Tom in our thoughts at this time.
Our installation dinner was last week, and this is a good time to once again say welcome to Jerry Fohrman as he assumes the august office of Prez, and also to say again thank you to all of you for making this a great year.
I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.      Maya Angelou
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