On-Line Meeting Starts Wednesday
At Great expense and hundreds of hours of manpower have been poured into getting the Sunup Wednesday morning meeting to come alive right at your breakfast table. As mentioned earlier its almost like sitting next to someone but without the virus.  You don't need a mask for this event!
Tomorrow you will receive an email with meeting information and a link that you will need to click on to "join" the meeting, It is fairly simple. With this application all members will be shown on your screen however your sound will be muted. You will hear the president and the speakers however. It will probably take a couple meetings to get it running smoothly but Rotary Clubs from all over the world are doing this. From what it looks like we could be doing this for a while.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.
Hope you had a Happy Easter
A Note From the Dues Collections Agency
The April quarterly dues bills have been mailed.  Please timely mail in payment.
If you would prefer to have future quarterly bills emailed to you, please contact
Eric Chester at and he will take care of it.
Thank you,
Eric Chester
New Member Spotlight Amy Robl

Amy Robl has over eight years of experience in the veterinary industry and has been with the Prescott Animal Hospital team for four years. The path that lead her to this career was 10 years of 4-H learning record keeping, communication and patient care. Amy has also been involved with Rotary since the age of 15 and continues to volunteer to help develop our leaders of tomorrow. Teaching and inspiring is truly a passion of hers. She has been on the RYLA committee for 9 of those years as the programs coordinator. 

President's Message
Jerry Fohrman
member photo
Good Morning Sunupians,
Recently our President Jerry has been dealing with a long nagging health issue not related to the virus. Please wish him the best along with a quick recovery.
- editor
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Help Spread Sunshine: When you know of a member's loss or hospitalization, please alert                   Par Wood at (928) 777-0500, ext. 207 of the Sunup Sunshine Committee,                                  or email her at