Par Wood
John White
Greg Raskin

This Week's Speaker

         Col. Art Saboski
                U2 Pilot
Birthdays:  Dennis Light 5/1, Phil Goode 5/6
Anniversaries:  A.J. & Vickie Sheridan 4/28, Matt & Heidi Greenlee 5/2, Mike & Mary King 5/3
Meeting Highlights April 24th
Thought of the day: Also see Sgt!  Greg Raskin shared his favorite Einstein thought:  We are all genius’s but, if you always judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will go through life thinking it is stupid.
Announced: Todd Clancy had no announcement today!  A.J called for a brief SURF meeting.
Sgt. at Arms: Mystery Matt G speculated if Greg R could muster two thoughts simultaneously. Greg proved him very wrong: “If you hike in bear country you only need to be with someone you can trip while you run from the bear.” 
As always Matt did his duty with extractions including himself for missing Sgt. Duty last week. If you were sitting at your usual table i.e. same as last week, pay a $1. Suggested that if you are not here for your BDay/Anniv that an I.O.U. be placed for you in the spittoon! 50/50 went to our speaker thanks to Richard H.’s largesse.
Speaker: Leland Moreno-Hillburn - Eviation
Leland is a retired Boeing executive with a wide background in production & organization. He is also a Commercial Real Estate broker and COC Ambassador.  Currently he is the Executive Director of U.S. Operations for Eviation and is working as a facilitator to establish their business locally/regionally/nationally. He noted our early riser status and noted that he commends groups like ours that make this a great community. Eviation is recognized internationally for its innovation in the coming Era of All Electric Aviation. They recently received the Thomas Edison Gold Award for their innovation among many others. Their mission is to develop an air travel platform to ensure economical access, greater mobility and sustainability for society. In that it will increase regional flight options all over the country and world Their first “Alice” is all electric, hyper air dynamic and efficient in flight. It will be economical, affordable and environmentally sound. Its debut will be at the Paris Air Show June 17, 2019. In the future, they will offer two models: 6 and 9 passenger platforms that will be marketed first to existing charter and air service companies mainly in the East to start. They came to Prescott to seek an alliance with ERAU and liked the nature of our community (Can do, Intellectual capital, Pro-business, robust utilities, Rich Aviation Culture) in general so well that they decided to focus here on development and production. Eviation looks forward to a successful linking with ERAU and Prescott.
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President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good Morning Sun-Upians …. The numbers are in for “Let’s Make a Deal”.  Art Harrington’s initiative and leadership on this initiative has realized over $6000 additional dollars for the Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund SHARE.  At the May 29 meeting, we will be presenting awards to 9 new Paul Harris Fellows and 16 additional members who have reached their next level of PHF recognition.  This is an outstanding contribution.  Thank you Art, and thanks to all members who participated in making this event a success. 
“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci
May 01, 2019
U2 Pilot
May 08, 2019
Prescott Library
May 15, 2019
Aspen Restroration in Southwest
May 22, 2019
Fire Fighting Tankers
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