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Birthdays:  Jeanne Baumback 10/21, Patricia Shaw 10/23
Meeting Highlights Oct 17, 2018
Meeting Highlights:
Stacey Williams with Discovery Gardens and Bonnie McMinn from Sharlot Hall were guests last week. Visiting Rotarians were Ken Caplin from Villa Park, California, John Scholl from Chino Valley, and our speaker, Noel DeSousa from Frontier. Dennis Light and John Stewart posed as Ponderosa Pine trees to show tree density spacing needed to promote forest health and reduce the risk of wildfire. Bonnie McMinn outlined the capital campaign goals to complete the Sharlot Hall Museum Education Center. Memorial Bricks are availale at $200 each.
Great Extractions: Val Ripley was Sarge and Jane Anne toted the pot. After the Birthday, Anniversary, and IOU collections, Sarge required everyone to stand and pay up if they had a Post-it under their chair. Ben Tuttle paid for his new car and two tables were fined for not being diversified. Phil Goode was happy to complete the Verde Canyon RR trip without getting rained on. Todd Clancy paid a happy buck with an announcement that he was going to be staying home for a while. There were lots of just happy and happy to be here bucks.
Our Speaker for Last Meeting: Noel DeSousa, Arizona Caborca Polio Plus project coordinator, reported on the February 2018 Caborca trip. Rotarians from five states and six Rotary districts traveled by bus to assist the members of Club Rotario de Caborca with polio inoculation of children in the ejidos outside the city. Half of the 50 Rotarians were from Arizona with the remainder from California, Nevada, Louisiana, and Alabama. Noel also reported on the recently completed matching grant projects with Caborca including the 2016 Water Tank project and the 2018 Medical Van project that provides medical and dental services to villages outside the city of Caborca.
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good Morning Sun-Up.   George Will, in a review of Ben Sasse’s new book "Them: Why We Hate Each Other -- and How to Heal,"  writes… ‘Repairing America's physical infrastructure, although expensive, is conceptually simple, involving steel and concrete. The crumbling of America's social infrastructure presents a daunting challenge: We do not know how to develop what Sasse wants, "new habits of mind and heart ... new practices of neighborliness." We do know that more government, which means more saturation of society with politics, is not a sufficient answer. 
Sasse, a fifth-generation Nebraskan who dedicates his book to the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs and other little platoons of Fremont, Nebraska (population 26,000), wants to rekindle the "hometown-gym-on-a-Friday-night feeling." But Americans can't go home again to Fremont.’
In this instance, I think Will has it entirely wrong.  The habits of mind and heart fostered through Rotary, and the practices of neighborliness that Rotarians demonstrate every day are manifestly the critical underpinnings of community.  Thank you all for engaging in this “good fight”.
The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. Coretta Scott King
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