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The Hassayampa Inn
Next Meeting's Program: Areli & Edgar Martinez-Aviles Interact Ambassadors "Crutches for Africa" Report 

What's Happening




Thank you Guest Speaker Poet Miska Paget and Cowboy Poet Board Chair Jim Buchanan

Written by Chelsea Sederstrom. Edited by Lisa DeLeo. Quotes from: and


Guest Jim Buchanan and Miska Paget invites everyone to this year's Cowboy Poet & Western Music event August 11-13th at the Yavapai College Performing arts center featuring 40 poets and musicians! Learn more here:
Dr. Miska Paget is a poet, Veterinarian and owner of Williamson Valley Large Animal Veterinary Practice.  Her work as a vet and horsewoman inspires her writing. Dr. Miska will be performing at the gathering on Saturday 8/12/22 at 1:00pm. 
Jim is a former Frontier Rotary Member and has served as President of the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering and the Prescott Western Heritage Foundation.  Both organizations preserve the Prescott area's Western Heritage through education, art, music, events and projects that celebrate western lifestyle. 

"For 34 years the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering has been a featured event in Prescott, Arizona.  The primary purpose of this event and our mission is to perpetuate and preserve the culture, traditions and history of cowboy poetry and music as it was enjoyed for decades past and is being presented in the contemporary form of its presentation.  This gathering of more than 40 poets and singers each year has kept its focus on the working cowboy and livestock oriented element of our social structure and folk history."

Hope to see you at the Gathering! 

Tickets are available by going to or calling 928.776.2000 or 877.928.4253.

The Gathering also offers free day sessions throughout the campus where attendees can meet cowboy poets and singers and enjoy stories of the culture and history of the American cowboy.



Interact Ambassadors Update

Written by Arthur R. Harrington, EA, PhD
Rotary District 5495 Interact Chair

Edgar and Areli Martinez, our two Ambassadors from Prescott HS Interact, will be reporting to our club on July 20th, our first club meeting after they return.

Our Interact Ambassadors Team at work with mobility equipment, meeting the needs of the disabled in Kenya.

Edgar Martinez-Aviles speaking on behalf of the Interact Ambassadors Team to an Interact Club at one if the girls' high schools in Naivasha, Kenya.
Prescott HS Interact Ambassador Areli Martinez-Aviles giving the life-transforming gift of mobility to a woman in Kenya.


Looking Ahead:


Interact Club Blood Drive

When: Monday,  July 25, 2022
Yavapai College  Room 19-147, next to the library.
Info: Contact Joe Sweeney for more details


Meeting Notes

Written by Chelsea Sederstrom. Edited by Lisa DeLeo.

Laura Vanderberg kicked it off with a joke! Knock Knock. Who's there?  Weekend.  Weekend who? We can do anything we want because we are Sunup Rotary!    Well done Laura. 

Quote of the Day by Glenn Hammond"There's no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting someone up."  John Holmes 22 YEAR VETERAN, AUTHOR OF "THE LONGEST WAR" & THE COMIC STRIP "POWER POINT RANGER"

Art Harrington's brother is visiting next week. We look forward to a surprise performance.

Eric Chester led us in the song "Old Grey Mare"

Thanks to Richard Hernandez for the new club computer. 

Matt Greenlee won the Cowboy Poets Gathering Poster.  

Val Ripley won this week's raffle and put the money back into the club. 

Do you have any announcements, photos of Rotary in Action or notes to include in newsletter? please send by end of day FRIDAY to Lisa DeLeo to appear in the following week's newsletters. 

Anyone knows of members who might be interested in joining our program group please encourage them to get in touch with Jane Anne Shimizu. 928-636-4565 Ext. 4 or

The Prez Says
Laura Vanderberg
member photo



I'd like to start my note this week by acknowledging all of you that have embraced the Square payment option for meals, happy bucks and the 50/50 raffle! 
It's hard and challenging to do new and different things with technology, but once you tried it, you figured it out and you’re embracing the ease of it!  I even paid this quarter’s dues electronically using that little QR code on my bill!
I know it's challenging- my generation (I'm kinda between a Gen-X and a Boomer) isn't wired for technology like smart phones and apps and computers and software. And if you're a full-on Boomer, it's really hard because you're even less wired than we are.
Younger folks have grown up knowing nothing but the ways of smart phones and computers. Typing isn't called typing anymore, it's keyboarding, Albums and CDs are a thing of the past- it's all about streaming these days. My 21 year old nephew doesn't even know what a CD is, let alone a cassette tape!
So, things change, and we can be resistant (remember your parents and their thoughts about Elvis and his moves or the idea of having to actually wear the seatbelt?) Well, here you are now.
Technology is here: electronic tools make transactions more efficient; communication and ways of connecting have gone virtual.  You can embrace it or not.  Lots of folks, of all generations, have.
With our Club operations, you can still pay by check or even cash.  The downside of doing it like you always have?  You lose out on an opportunity to learn, to grow those neurons that keep your brain healthy as you age. 
And if you’re intimidated or unsure about how to do any of this electronic stuff, just ask me- I’m happy to help!  And if I can do it, anyone can!
As always, you have a choice. What's your choice when it comes to technology?
Warmest Regards,


Laura Vanderberg


Prescott Sunup Rotary


July 25, 2022
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