Registration  Todd Clancy     
       Greeter        AJ Sheridan
         Greeter           Dan Davis
Neal McEwen 9/17;
Yoichi Matsumoto 9/18.
  Richard Hernandez 9/21.
Meeting Highlights Sept. 12, 2018
Great ExtractionsPar Wood  was Sarge and enlisted Ben Tuttle to to tote the spittoon.  AJ cleared a $5 IOU.  Greg Raskin tried to pass off the Rotary pin the DG passed out that he had a pin.  Par's response, "No Greg, only a pin you put on at home counts".  Jane Anne donated a basket of spices, etc. for auction and our auctioneer Clent garnered $35 from Sarah Tomsky.  Yours truly was toting the spittoon, so did not copy much of the action to report.  Bob Betts won the cash.
Speaker 9/12:  District Governor Jim Erickson was the speaker, and was accompanied by Asst. Governor Ron Williams.  He is a third generation Rotarian and a member of the Superstition Mountain club.  Touting his District Conference on June 21-22 2019 in Scottsdale, he wore Rotary Sun Glasses and held a Rotary Surf Board  to highlight the conference theme, "Surfs Up". The Presidential  Citation this year does not require a club to grow membership.  There also will be a 5th Avenue of Service Award.  This past year 21 clubs failed to send a member to the PETS conference; therefore, this year if a club does not have a member attend (preferably the President Elect) the club will not be able to participate in District Grants. There were only 22 polio cases last year, and when Rotary started the campaign there were 285 thousand cases.  He encouraged club members to donate $50 each to Polio Plus this year. 
Todd Clancy: Todd returned and the DG rewarded him with a pin he has prepared for outstanding club members on his visits.  With saving a lady's home, painting a trailer and serving meals, Todd has been very involved and deserving
Angie Noble Services:  Larry's wife Angie's service is Wednesday at 10 AM at Heritage Mortuary.  We were saddened to hear about her passing.
Sunup Trivia:  The Sunup club was organized during the fall of 1981, primarily due to the need for a club which would hold it meetings early in the morning so that a professional/business person could belong to Rotary without the noon hour interference.  It was chartered on December 5, 1981 with 25 members and Ted Lamb of Lamb Cadillac fame was the charter president. The club has held its meetings at the Bronze Saddle, the Hassayampa Hotel, K-Bobs, the Prescott Christian Church on Senator Highway, the Great Hall, the Palace and currently at the Hotel St. Michael.
The club tried for several years to meet in the Hotel St. Michael, but the ERAU professors had a Wednesday morning meeting.  When they cancelled, the club was contacted and the Board approved moving from the Palace Hotel. 
Prospective New Members
Bruce Moeller recently moved to Deway from Santa Rosa, CA. He was a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa West since 2013 and president elect of his club prior to his departure.  He is married to Tracey and has a son Daniel. He is a CPA and is presently working in Prescott. Bruce has some sort of fascination with baseball & sports memorabilia. Say hello to Bruce!
Greg Ellingham is a transplant from England and is the Marketing Manager for the Findlay Auto Group in Prescott. He is already talking about a sponsorship for our Double Down Casino Night. He has an interesting background in the British Air Force and for some reason likes to jump from airplanes several feet in the air. Say hello to Greg!
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
member photo
Good Morning Sunupians!
It’s Sunday morning and I am reflecting on all the things for which I am grateful.  This club and all of you who comprise Sun-up Rotary fit into that list.  The military talks about force multipliers.  It’s good to see two of our force multipliers, Todd and Ida, back in Prescott and back in Sun-Up. 
With some reflection, we probably all know a former member who modeled the sort of behaviors that make us proud of Rotary, and who, for whatever reason are no longer active.  To employ a cliched phrase, there is no time like the present to connect with that former member and extend an invitation to a Wednesday morning breakfast.
Neal McEwen
Sunup Rotary President, 2018-2019
The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.
Hubert H. Humphrey
September 19, 2018
Sep 19, 2018
Sep 26, 2018
History of Prescott Fire Dept.
Oct 03, 2018
Change for the Good
Oct 10, 2018
Hemp Oil
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Harrington, Sharon
Chester, Eric
Harrington, Art
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Shaw, Tony
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Parker, Rusty
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Ripley, Valard
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Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Help Spread Sunshine: When you know of a member's loss or hospitalization, please alert                   Par Wood at (928) 777-0500, ext. 207 of the Sunup Sunshine Committee,                                  or email her at