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Jerry Fohrman


Double Down Casino Committee March 5th & March 19th 4:00pm - Liquor Deli on Goodwin
Board of Directors Meeting Feb 28th, 4pm, Prescott Library, Elsie Room
Birthdays:  Jeff Lewis, Feb 22, Rusty Parker, Feb 28
Anniversaries:  Dwayne & Shirley Warrick, Feb 27
Meeting Hilights Feb 20th
 Art made an announcement about youth Exchange, Stan reminded us of March 20th bring a friend to breakfast for Todd Webers Presentation, Ida was happy Jerry was able to get Wyatt Earp for Double Down, J was happy Richard Hernandez brought in a terrific basket for a raffle prize and she urged everyone to do the same, Dennis Light and Marjorie were happy and thankful after the Caborca Trip, Todd also went on the Caborca Trip and he was happy we gave over $500 to the Caborca Childrens Medical Fund.   Matthew was excited for the snow as he has new snow shoes, Clent wondered why a mortician needed a CPR class.
 Last Weeks Speaker:   
Tyler Reid is a sophomore Aeronautics major at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He is from Meredith, NH where his father is a member of the local Rotary club and where his sister participated in the Youth Exchange program, traveling to Ecuador for a year.  While in high school he and his family hosted two students through youth exchange as well as being very involved in the Rotary’s annual fishing derby that raised over $100,000 for his father’s club!
With a real passion for flying, Tyler earned his pilot’s license at age 17, and is now a cadet in ERAU’s Air Force ROTC program.  He is planning a post collegiate career as an Air Force Pilot.  Last April he was elected the National Public Affairs officer in the collegiate community service organization Silver Wings.
Silver Wings is a national co-ed professional organization dedicated to creating proactive, knowledgeable and effective civic leaders through community service and education about federal defense. Similar to Rotary’s 4 rules of the things we think, say or do, their 3 Pillars of Service are Personal Development, Professional Development (they have an area conclave and a National Conclave)  and Civic Awareness
Rotarian at Work!
A Whole New Meaning
Double Down Casino Night
About three years ago the Sunup Club did not have a fundraiser to support our community. After a poll and vote of members the Double Down Casino Night was supported by the membership. Fundraisers are an integral part of Rotary Clubs so that we have the resources along with member enthusiasum to do great projects here in Prescott. We have supported Big Sisters, Big Brothers and YEI in the past while still raising additional funds for SURF. Four event tickets have been distributed to all members. We hope you will use some for yourself and either sell some to friends & neighbors or use them as a friendly gift. If you cannot attend or sell the tickets the next best option is to "donate" the funds to the Foundation. For more tickets or to turn in money see Bud Ackerman. Listed below are members who are meeting twice a month and working hard to put on a great event. They really appreciate your support.
Jane Anne - Chief
Jerry Fohrman
Ida Kendall
Dennis Light
Teri Smith
Terry Smith
AJ Sheridan
Ben Tuttle
Bud Ackerman
Dan Davis
Todd Clancy
George Steiner
Rod Cordes
Val Ripley
Funds Go to The Sunup Rotary Foundation
Support the Prescott Community
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
member photo
Good morning Sun-Upians … Here’s hoping that all of you are safe and warm … enjoying the spectacular natural transformation of the landscape … i.e. the fluffy white stuff … AKA the storm of the century. … nothing that a sturdy shovel and ibuprofen can’t fix … note, we’re not complaining about the moisture however … but there is a reason that winter scenes make such beautiful postcards (sent to us by somebody, somewhere else!) … Mayor Greg .. It looks like the city did a marvelous job keeping the streets passable… thank you, and thanks to the streets crews … See you all on Wednesday (when Spring returns).
O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? Percy Bysshe Shelley
February 27, 2019
Feb 27, 2019
Sharps & Flats
Mar 06, 2019
MVD Customer Improvements
Mar 13, 2019
It Happened, Now What?
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Help Spread Sunshine: When you know of a member's loss or hospitalization, please alert                   Par Wood at (928) 777-0500, ext. 207 of the Sunup Sunshine Committee,                                  or email her at