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Bruce Moeller
Neal McEwen

This Week's Speaker

Bob Shanks

Safety and Self Awareness


Program Committee Meets First Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am
Membership Committee Meets Second Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am
Board of Directors Meeting, Third Thursday of the month, 4:00pm Prescott Library, Elsie Rm
Birthdays: Charlie Wood 3/6
Anniversaries: Art and Sharon Harrington 3/18
Meeting Highlights February 26th
Thought of the day:  Jane Anne: A Day Without Sunshine is ..Well, You Know…….NIGHT!
Meeting Highlights: Guests: Amy Robl, Pastor Dan.  Pastor Dan had Grapes for Grades (June 21) Tickets $50@ He donates back $5@ to SURF.  Richard Hernandez reminder: tour of Yavapai College C Wed. Mar 4. Meet at 0900 at 220 Ruger RD. Pres. AJ noted PASS Grand Opening today 1-3 on N Rush St. Deal.” Art noted that Sharon is in the hospital with double pneumonia. Send her Good Thoughts    
.Sgts At Arms: Gus Bergman/Clent  w/Josh Walker assisting.  Many IOUs called in. Dennis Light and Sarah Clawson paid for articles in publications, Greg Raskin put in $20 Un-Happy Bucks for the results of his “Amazing Ski Abilities”. Pastor Dan spun the wheel for soliciting. And Val was hit for schmoozing Gus with extra coffee and another for no coffee for Clent! And Gus gave us a Public Service Health Alert! But not for Corona Beer!
Speakers 2/26:  Bud Ackerman led an exploration of the Round Table Results.   Social needs came up:  A couple new Ad Hoc committees formed to organize social events/progressive dinners. Also other ways we get to know fellow members. Double Down a good event. Some tweaks coming: move to August date etc.  Lots of good ideas. The results will be on the CR website. Finally, showed a list of members who have signed up for committees/events. A goodly number of our members indicated interest and are involved.
Then Committee Chairs provided a summary of what their committees have done and are planning. Lots of good things. Overall a very active club.  One highlight was Stan Steiner, Membership Chair. He had set a goal of 1 new member a month. We are now at 12 new ones with four months to go. But we can’t let him step down now!  Todd and Jim regaled us with our extensive list of community service projects.  The Smiths covered Communications. A good start on getting out word about the club.
New Member Spotlight
Roy Loo

I’ve been Married for almost 36 years and have two beautiful daughters and a great grandson who live, with their families in IL. CO. and now IA. My favorite pastimes are playing my guitars and listening to music, playing golf, traveling ,visiting family and friends and following the Stock Market.  I was born in the Netherlands. My family came to the United States to give my brother, sister and myself more opportunities and we ended up growing up in Indiana. I went to High School, and graduated, in Syracuse Indiana. The company I went to work for sent 18 of us to Notre Dame University to take a Business Management course. In 1977 that company, Sellers Mfg. sent me to Riverside, California to manage their west coast operation. When I came to CA. I took a Business Law and Accounting class at our local Community College. I was looking to make a career change and got into the financial services industry 1987. Started with my Insurance License's and then in 1991 my Securities licensee and CFL license to do mortgage lending. I saw a big need to educate people on simple money management.  Since 2002 I've devoted 100% of my business time to Mortgage Banking which I still do with Guaranteed Rate out of Chicago.


President's Message
Jerry Fohrman
member photo
Good Morning Sunupians,
If you were at last weeks meeting you heard about all of the great projects that we have going on, here at Sunup. I hope listening to our committee chairs inspired you to become even more involved. I look forward to seeing all of you next week.
Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing. Muhammad Ali  
March 4, 2020
Mar 04, 2020
Safety & Self Awareness
Mar 11, 2020
New Criminal Justice Facility
Mar 18, 2020
ERAU Baseball Team
Mar 25, 2020
I-17 Alt Lanes
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March, 2020
Barstad, Greg
Greeter 1
Loo, Roy
Greeter 2
Clancy, Todd
Take Down 1
Berry, Jon
Take Down 2
Askerman, Douglas
Walker, Clent
Harrington, Art
March 4th, 2020
Thought for the Day
Clawson, Sarah
Sgt.-at-Arms 1
Hernandez, Richard
Sgt.-at-Arms 2
Bergman, Gus
March 11th, 2020
Thought for the Day
Ripley, Valard
Sgt.-at-Arms 1
Shimizu, Jane Anne
Sgt.-at-Arms 2
Walker, Clent
March 18th, 2020
Thought for Today
Huffman, Jim
Sgt.-at-Arms 1
Beyer, Dan
Sgt.-at-Arms 2
Greenlee, Matt
March 25th, 2020
Thought for the Day
Noble, Larry
Sgt.-at-Arms 1
Wood, Par
Sgt.-at-Arms 2
Ripley, Valard
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Russell Hampton
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Help Spread Sunshine: When you know of a member's loss or hospitalization, please alert                   Par Wood at (928) 777-0500, ext. 207 of the Sunup Sunshine Committee,                                  or email her at