Dr. Bard Schatzman
I am Dr. Bard Schatzman, married 33 years to Dr. Linda Mast. Licensed Counselor & Licensed Psychologist in Missouri where I grew up, and Licensed Psychologist in Arizona. Worked in Private Practice and Community Mental Health Centers each 20 years. College professor since 1980’s, Life member of American Psychological Association. Memoir book, “The Art of Life” and publication of journal articles. 3rd place State of Missouri High School Wrestling Champion.
Laura, our daughter is a Landscape Architect. Lover of cats, dogs, birds and other animals.  Hobbies are lapidary arts and jewelry making. Enjoy physical exercise, i.e. bicycle riding, wrestling, riding motorcycles, and helping others psychologically and academically.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to present myself.
Welcome Bard!