In the event you are not aware, we are forming a new ad hoc committee dealing with the future viability of our club and attracting more and hopefully younger members. Our first meeting is Monday afternoon the 27th, 4pm at the library. We are interested in assembling a group of enthusiastic Club members to contribute to this endeavor. We are committed to making the Sunup Rotary Club the best community service club in all of Prescott and the surrounding area. To achieve this we intend to evaluate all of our clubs operations, policies and projects. We will explore how we can keep up with the changing times as well as attracting new and younger members. To do this we are looking at accumulating any ideas our members may have. In addition, we will be looking at other clubs and organizations who have been or are successful in building their membership. The trick is to maintain many of our traditions but in a way that doesn’t seem old fashioned and can appeal to a “35 year old professional”.
We would like any Sunup member to join us to discuss ideas we can use going forward. When completed we will submit our findings to the Board of Directors as well as the membership at large. Our end goal is to create a template or a plan for Sunup Rotary to move forward, grow and thrive. Interested members please contact either Bud or Dan.
Thank you,
Bud Ackerman co-chair     Dan Davis co-chair
“The Future of Sunup Rotary Committee"