Posted by Jerry Hulm on Nov 20, 2019
The19th Mexico-USA Friendship Conference and Global Grants Exchange between District 4185 and 5495 was held November 7th - 10th at the Grand Canyon Squire Inn in Tusayan.   This year's attendees for the Prescott Sunup Rotary Club were Art Harrington and Jerry Hulm.
This year's conference had over 100 attendees from Rotary clubs in USA District 5495 and Mexico District 4185.  The governors and governors-elect for both districts were in attendance.
One of the many presentations during the conference.  Art (white shirt on the left) is judiciously taking notes.
Final day as District Governors announce the funded projects (posted on the wall behind them).

Art Harrington and Jerry Hulm attended the conference to represent the Prescott Sunup Rotary.  They were allocated $3000.00 to commit to projects of their choice based on the presentations provided by the various Rotary groups in attendance.

There were 20 different projects presented over Friday and Saturday.  Art and Jerry selected three projects to receive the $3000 they were allocated to commit. 

They committed $1000.00 to a program in central Mexico that trains and employs people with disabilities to repair mobility equipment (wheelchairs, walkers) for people with disabilities.  This is a mobile repair operation where they drive to various towns and cities and setup a repair station in the middle of the town.  Last year this group repaired approximately 3500 wheelchairs.  The money that Sunup committed will be for an expansion of the program into an adjacent district thereby doubling their capability and reach.  They will be adding a new truck, new trailer and employing and training another team of people with disabilities.  We are also the International Partner in this project.

Art and Jerry also committed $1000.00 to the “Let’s Educate in Peace” project in Puebla, Pue, Mexico.  This project develops materials that will be given to children 10 – 14 year of age that promotes peace and ethics as a way of living.  It will be administered locally by liked minded individuals, Rotarians and educators in the Puebla Campestre Real, encompassing 5 cities, 25 schools and 5000 children. 

And finally, they committed $1000.00 to the installation of a new drinking water system for the community of San Sebastian, Teziutlan Puebla.  This is a remote community of 1500 indigenous people who have a damaged and antiquated water supply system.  This project is to install a water collection and distribution system that will sustain the community for at least the next 20 years.

If you have any questions about any of the projects or the conference in general, feel free to talk with Art or Jerry.  Also, more details about each of the projects noted above will be shown at our January 8th Sunup Rotary Meeting.