Posted by Todd Clancy on Mar 30, 2020
Fellow Sunupians,
Despite these trying times, it's still been an eventful two weeks for our club. The shelters are experiencing full capacity, and this includes Prescott Area Shelter and Services. They were still desperately seeking out furnishings for the new additions. We were able to find and have delivered a GREAT dining room table set (see thank you note). Additionally, they were in dire need of mattresses and Yoichi answered their calls. Yoichi delivered one mattress to the shelter and provided two more mattresses from his house. WAY TO GO YOICHI!

As sad as it was to close down the snack shack last week, this did have its silver lining. We had the opportunity to donate our remaining inventory to the Community Cupboard Food Bank, which is experiencing massive demands. The folks at the food bank were very grateful and we were certainly very happy to be of assistance.

Obviously we took great care in abiding by the current health guidelines in protecting ourselves as well as others while carrying out these tasks.
Thanks AJ and Bud!