Posted by Bud Ackerman

Eye Opener!


Many thanks to Par Wood. Last Tuesday several Sunup members had the pleasure of touring the Yavapai College School of Career and Technical Education facility otherwise known as CTEC. John Morgan Dean of CTEC provided our group with Lunch and a 2 hour tour of the facility.

CTEC provides training and college courses that provide good paying jobs. They can learn trades such as 3D Printing using sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment.

The largest and most popular program is now fabricating and flying drones. Students learn how to use their drones in agriculture, search & rescue, firefighting and many other areas. The student built drone pictured is valued at about $15,000.


Other programs include Pre-Engineering, Computer Numerical Control, Gunsmithing, Welding, Air Traffic Control and many more. Salaries can range from $25/hr up to $100,000 per year.

An Educational Gem in Prescott