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Meeting Highlights January 24th
Meeting Highlights: Neil tried out for next year by chairing the meeting. Brett Morrey was a visitor from La Jolla Golden Triangle Club. He shared some ideas about involving youth in club activities and sold a few T-shirts. Ray expanded on our Youth Exchange activities from last meeting including an upcoming need for a family to host our exchange student from Argentina.
Extractions and Happy Bucks: Clent was Sarge and Josh toted the pot. Lots of happy bucks for Sharlot Hall and The ERAU Planetarium.  Par was complemented on arranging the CTEC tour highlighting the many technical training programs offered to our community by Yavapai College. Bud was happy that he survived a wrong lane episode at the border crossing. Dan D. celebrated the 96th anniversary of the Eskimo Pie patent. Dan B. won the pot.
Our Speakers:  Billie introduced Ken Bennett, former Arizona State Senate President and Secretary of State. Ken shared how he became a guitar player and was later known as one of the “Singing Senators”. He then sliced up an apple to illustrate the very small fraction of topsoil in Arizona and the world that produces our food. That led to a presentation about hydroponic growing systems that can be programed to produce food locally on an as needed basis. A 40,000 ft² factory produces as much food as 80 acres , reduces water use by 90%, while increasing plant production by 300%. Energy consumption is also lowered by locating the hydroponic facility near the consumer and saving the cost of shipping. The normal 30% shipping spoilage is also eliminated.
A prototype growing system has been constructed in Congress and is producing barley silage for livestock as well as spinach and lettuce. More information about Healing the Earth’s Fast Track Farming system is available at
Sunup Members Tour CTEC

Eye Opener!


Many thanks to Par Wood. Last Tuesday several Sunup members had the pleasure of touring the Yavapai College School of Career and Technical Education facility otherwise known as CTEC. John Morgan Dean of CTEC provided our group with Lunch and a 2 hour tour of the facility.

CTEC provides training and college courses that provide good paying jobs. They can learn trades such as 3D Printing using sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment.

The largest and most popular program is now fabricating and flying drones. Students learn how to use their drones in agriculture, search & rescue, firefighting and many other areas. The student built drone pictured is valued at about $15,000.


Other programs include Pre-Engineering, Computer Numerical Control, Gunsmithing, Welding, Air Traffic Control and many more. Salaries can range from $25/hr up to $100,000 per year.

An Educational Gem in Prescott

Sunup Visits ERAU Planetarium and STEM
The ERAU Vocational trip went very well. We started with a  truly brisk winter morning (23 degrees or so) followed by a nice breakfast at Earhards dining hall where we received a free "Tax Seminar" courtesy of Art and Sharon Harrington who had just completed a webinar on the new tax codes. Hold on to your hats!  It was noted that the term "congressional tax simplification" is an oxymoron of the first degree.
A student Assistant from the planetarium came in and greeted us and then escorted the group to the S.T.E.M building and into the Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium where we Eric Edelman, Director provided a brief overview and answered questions. Very impressive with it's 47 Ft. dome and great seats. Maybe a little too comfortable once it went dark.  We viewed a brief demo of the capabilities of the program. It is centered on the sky as seen from the ERAU campus so it was as if we were outside and looking up at night, only warmer. This was followed by a show entitled "Back to the Moon" "For Good" narrated by Tim "The Toolman" Taylor. The program rounded out with the current show of the "Prescott Winter Sky" narrated by Eric who also answered our man questions after seeing the shows.  It was a great time and very informative. Then we had a great tour of the S.T.E.M. building conducted by Noah Lima a student assistant, sophomore, AFROTC member from near Fresno Calif.  He was both  informative and entertaining. When looking at the 3-D printer lab, he noted that the very first thing they produced were door stops for the whole building! Some were on display. However there was a great deal more from drone technology, biology, forensics, and much more.  Great Job Noah!
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good Morning Fellow Sunupians and Friends,
Well it was both a good week and problematic at the same time. 
I understand the Neal had a great first run as acting president and ran a super meeting. I hope I can live up to the new bar! Congratulations Neal!
By all reports the CTEC trip went very well and I can directly comment on the ERAU trip.  Breakfast at the Earharts dining hall was nice and we received a free "Tax Seminar" courtesy of Art and Sharon. The Planetarium and tour of the S.T.E.M. building were both impressive. We all highly recommend attending one of the Planetarium shows.  Great job done by Eric Edelman the Director and his student assistants and by Andy Frahers Student Assistant who gave us the tour.  One comment from the group was that between CTEC and ERAU our community has great resources and are not generally aware of all the technology base being built in  those areas.
On a more somber note, Todd Clancy has had unexpected but important, family business arise that requires his presence Taiwan for at time. He has requested a two month L.O.A. and is in the middle of making the arrangements. He has asked that we please do not inundate him with contacts as he needs to focus on getting there. He sends both his regards to his many Sunup friends and regrets that he has to go so quickly.  As Todd would say "Cheers" to you all!
That said I will be working with the BOD to come up with how we will handle the elements that Todd was managing on behalf of the club:  New Rotary Signs (Just need volunteers for next week), Snack Shack, P.A.S.S. meals, coordination of community service with the Center for C & J, Co-Chairs for Community Service and International services. Pardon me if I have missed something. Todd has been a stellar contributor to our club and will be missed even for a short time. However I am confident that we can move ahead while we await his return.  More on this Wednesday or soon thereafter.
On another important note. Watch for the email with the proposed constitution and By-Laws. You will have a 10 day review and comment period after which they will be considered accepted if there are not changes needed.
See you Wednesday.
Peace Friends,
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