What you can expect when visiting our club meeting?
First, visitors/guests are always made welcome to Prescott Sunup.
We do start early as we believe that this is a great way to start our day! Hopefully you will share in, and enjoy our members’ enthusiasm. And, a major advantage of the early start is that parking on Montezuma or Gurley Streets near the Hotel St. Michaels is readily available and we finish up before the two hour limit runs out.
You can expect to be greeted enthusiastically at the door, be signed in and given a name tag. We also conduct a 50/50 raffle that you are welcome to participate in if you wish but not expected to do so. If you aren’t accompanied by a member, our greeters will help you meet some folks to start off or you can just mingle around and meet several folks.  You will find that we are a very fun and sociable group. Come any time between 6:00 and 6:30 AM. This is our social time before the breakfast buffet opens. As a visitor you will no doubt be invited to sit with a member during breakfast and the meeting or, as a guest, you may sit with member who invited you. Guests receive breakfast free for a couple of meetings so that they can learn about the club. After that a decision needs to be made regarding joining the club.
We kick off the business portion at approximately 7:00 AM with a bell tone. We observe the pledge of allegiance and other starting functions including a song.  At this time we also have introduction of our visitors & guests. If you would like to say a few words you may do so although not expected. If you have a host they may be asked to speak on your behalf.  One fun activity is our Sergeant-at-Arms who will be fining members for funny transgressions and oversights. It is all part of the fun and guests are not expected to participate. At approximately 7:30 AM we always have a quality speaker on an interesting topic. We conclude our program at approximately 8:00 AM.
We hope that you will decide to visit our club and find out about all the great things that Rotary does locally, nationally and internationally. We believe that it is a great and worthwhile organization that makes a real difference. We think that you will agree and ask that you join us.
Wednesdays at 06:30 AM
Hassayampa Inn
122 E. Gurley St.
Arizona Room
Prescott, AZ  86301
United States